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Microsoft WEFT

The most recent release version of the tool is WEFT 2 v2.0.22c, posted in November 1999. We are finalizing work on WEFT 3, which is currently available as a beta.

WEFT Web Community site

WEFT community site In March we set up an MSN Web community site for WEFT users to communicate with each other and WEFT's developers. The Microsoft WEFT users Web Community is an open community, meaning that anyone can join, contribute questions, answers, tips and tricks. If you've been using WEFT for a while or are new to the tool be sure to join today. We will also be using the community site to discuss and distribute future updates to the tool before they appear here.


WEFT 3 Icon The most recent beta version of WEFT 3 is available for download from these these draft pages.

WEFT 2 information

Although we can't respond to every mail we receive, please report bugs, suggestions and problems to us via the e-mail address listed here..

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