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WEFT 3 release notes

Available fonts

Most fonts can be embedded using WEFT, however some fonts have been designated as 'no embedding' fonts by their designers. Other fonts may be rejected by the utility because problems have been identified.

The 'View Available fonts' option presents information taken from your personal font database in a tabular form.

View Available fonts

Here each font used is flagged with a "traffic light" signifying their 'embedability'.

Font check reportEditable or Installable. These fonts are okay to embed and can be used in any Web page, even those where the user can edit the content. See our Client-side graffiti demo as an example of a page that lets the viewer edit the content.

lightPreviewable. These fonts are also okay to embed but should only be used in static Web pages where the user can't edit the content.

lightWindows core font. These fonts have been identified as common core fonts. Embedding these fonts is not recommended.

light'No embedding' font. These fonts have their embedding permissions set to 'no embedding'. If a font you want to use is marked as no embedding, it may be worth contacting the font's vendor to see if they can provide an embeddable version.

lightFont may be broken! These fonts cannot be embedded because they have failed Weft's error tests. It may be worth checking with the font's vendor to see if they have an updated version.

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WEFT 3 release notes
Microsoft Typography | ...on the Web | ...embedding | Microsoft WEFT 3