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WEFT 3 release notes

Set user information

When you can run the WEFT wizard for the first time you will be presented with the screen shown below.

screen capture

Click 'Next >' to move to the 'Set user information' screen. On this screen enter your name and e-mail address.

screen capture

screen capture This screen will not be presented the next time you run the wizard, however it can be accessed via the tools menu.

What happens to this information?

Your name and e-mail is written as a comment into the Web pages modified by WEFT. This serves as contact information for people viewing your Website who may have 'what font is that?' type questions. This is particularly useful when working on collaborative Web projects where perhaps only one or two people have licenses for the font used. This information is not returned to Microsoft.

Options on this screen

Full name : Enter your name in this field.

E-mail : Enter your e-mail address in this field.

Digital Id: This field is reserved for future use. In future versions of WEFT we plan to allow users to digitally sign the font objects they create using WEFT.

Back : Use this button to return to the wizard's welcome screen.

Next : Click here to move on to the 'Add Web pages' screen. This button will be grayed out until you have entered your name or e-mail address.

Cancel : Clicking this button will exit the WEFT wizard and return you to the main WEFT screen.

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WEFT 3 release notes
Microsoft Typography | ...on the Web | ...embedding | Microsoft WEFT 3