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WEFT 3 release notes

Analyze Web pages

Analyzing your pages

The page analysis process is initiated by clicking the 'Analyze pages!' button located at the bottom right of the screen. Please note that the analysis may take a long time. If practical you may prefer to analyze a local hard disk copy of your site, as this will be faster.

screen capture

Microsoft WEFT uses the installed version of Microsoft Internet Explorer to analyze the font usage of your pages. Each Web page listed is individually loaded into Internet Explorer for analysis. The characters used on each page are identified in terms of their font, style and Unicode value. For this reason it is important that all your first choice fonts are installed prior to analysis. It is also important to examine the pages using Internet Explorer, to ensure that text is properly displayed in the intended font.

Options on this screen

Skip analysis: Selecting this option will result in WEFT skipping the page analysis process.

Back: Use this button to return to the 'Add Web pages' screen.

Next: Click here to start the page analysis and move on to the 'Fonts to embed' screen.

Cancel: Clicking this button will exit the WEFT wizard and return you to the main WEFT screen.

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WEFT 3 release notes
Microsoft Typography | ...on the Web | ...embedding | Microsoft WEFT 3