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Adobe WebType

Adobe WebType
Designed to be seen on-screen

WebType product shot

Adobe WebType [ext link] features 12 Adobe Originals typefaces optimized for on-screen viewing. These 12 designs are among the most popular in the Adobe Type Library [ext link] and include a versatile selection of display, text, script, and decorative fonts, which can be specified within Web pages using either cascading style sheets or the FONT FACE tag. These TrueType fonts have been fine-tuned to be seen on-screen, but they also print quickly and clearly. These fonts also work well when embedded in Portable Document Format (PDF) files or included in bitmap files (such as GIF). So whether you need to set a captivating headline, create legible captions, or add whimsical ornamentation to your Web page, electronic publication, or multimedia presentation, turn to Adobe WebType.

For more information, visit the Adobe Web Site [ext link].

Embedding the fonts

The Adobe WebType fonts can be used to create embedded font objects that can be linked to your Web pages. Font objects may be created using the Microsoft's free Web Embedding Fonts Tool and pages that use them can be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0.


The Minion faces can be used at large sizes for headlines, while at smaller sizes they are ideal for extended text. Minion Web is a great choice for browser font and comes bundled with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


The Myriad faces work well for both text and display. They are also a good choice in smaller sizes for words inside buttons. The bold and condensed faces are also great for narrow columns and banners.


A free-flowing yet disciplined script style that adds a homemade quality to on-screen typography. Good for both text and display.


An oblique display type with a chisel-cut look that gives it a hand-hewn quality.


An elegant typeface that blends monoline forms with classical contemporary qualities. An excellent choice for titles and headlines.


A fun and lively typeface that works well for display as well as short passages of text.

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