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Keeping children safe - Helping People and Businesses Protect Themselves

Microsoft believes strongly that the Internet should be a safe place for young people and adults alike. We work with the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre. They, in turn, work in partnership with the Department for Children, Families and Schools (DCFS), police forces, offender managers, children's services and other stakeholders in protecting children, young people, families and society as a whole from paedophiles and sex offenders; in particular those who use the Internet and other new technologies in the sexual exploitation of children.

Many of our employees have supported CEOP in their industry training programme (PROTECT), in which they visit schools to educate young people on the safe use of the Internet. We have also received many requests to provide education and resources for parents, to help them understand the technologies their children are using and how to keep their children safe online.

We support the education of parents in online safety by training our employees and partners to deliver presentations at schools and to provide useful links and resources for parents.

Special version of Internet Explorer 8

CEOP, in conjunction with Microsoft, recently launched a special version of Internet Explorer 8 that offers embedded advice, help and report services in order to provide a constant, reassuring presence for families who will be one click away from the support they need.
Download ‘Click CEOP’

About the Parents Presentation

The presentation addresses the benefits of the Internet and the safety concerns around it. It introduces basic information about how young people use technology (such as social networking and instant messaging). It is designed to build parents' confidence and improve their understanding of these technologies, as well as to provide guidance and practical advice for safeguarding their children. It also gives advice on where to go for help.

The presentation lasts approximately one hour and includes time for questions from the audience. It incorporates videos that are used by CEOP and Childnet in schools to educate pupils.

About Microsoft volunteers

All our volunteers understand the sensitivity of the subject matter and they are happy to go through the presentation with you prior to a session. There is no fee for having a speaker come to your school.

Further information

For information on the Microsoft parents' presentation initiative and how you could set up a presentation for your school or community group, please contact us.

Get more information about Microsoft parental controls and advice about child online safety here.

Parents Guide

Get more information about Microsoft parental controls by downloading our Parents Guide here

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