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The report has revealed a ‘Tech to Impress Nation’ that place gadgets over Gucci when it comes to looking good. See below some interesting highlights that have emerged...

  • Nearly half of the nation believes that being able to show off the latest new ‘in’ gadget is as important to their overall fashion image as an item of clothing or a designer haircut.
  • Forty per cent agree that the style and appearance of the technology devices they carry around with them is much more important now than it was five years ago and indeed critical to their overall look.
  • It is the astronomical rise of ‘mobile working’, which has seen the average office worker spend over an hour a day longer working on the move than they did two years ago, that has created this shift in perception.
  • As people use technology on the go, and therefore in front of others, this increases the role that technology plays in one’s image and therefore places a far greater importance on having the ‘right’ looking gadgets.
  • Spending on mobile technology rise by 14 per cent in the past five years, with nearly a quarter of the population admitting to purchasing a piece of technology based only on its appearance – regardless of whether they really needed it.
  • Forty three per cent confirmed that they would now rather spend their money on a piece of technology than an item of clothing, and nearly six out of ten people admit to subtly leaving their new gadget on the table for envious friends to gorge on.
  • ‘Tech to Impress Nation’ is led by young professional women who are much more likely than men to own several portable gadgets such as a mobile phones, digital cameras and laptops. Manufacturer’s relatively recent focus on creating products aesthetically aimed at women that has contributed to this trend.
  • The way consumer electronics is marketed has also played a key role amongst tech-savvy, image conscious consumers. Experts claim the rise in fashionable technology is also down to the explosion of fashionable celebrities getting involved with tech brands to make the devices more desirable. Where historically they would only get involved in fashion / lifestyle brands, celebrities such as David Beckham, Girls Aloud, Kate Moss and Beyonce have all been used in recent advertising campaigns for tech brands.
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