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Technical support overview

Self-Help Support

All the resources listed below are available on our website at no charge to help you quickly resolve technical problems online.

MSDN Library (US)

The MSDN® Library is an essential resource for developers using Microsoft® tools, products and technologies. It contains over 1.85 GB of technical programming information, sample code, documentation, technical articles and reference guides.

Search the MSDN Library (US)

Microsoft Knowledge Base (US)

The Microsoft Knowledge Base allows you to search more than 250,000 constantly updated technical articles created by Microsoft support professionals to find the answers to technical questions on all Microsoft products. It contains information on all known problems and bugs.

Visit the Knowledge Base (US)

DLL Help (US)

Use DLL Help to identify which software installed a specific version of a DLL.

Visit DLL Help (US)

Download Center (US)

The Download Center enables you to search by product, category and keywords for the latest developer-related tools, add-ons, service packs, patches, drivers, and beta and preview releases.

Download the latest service packs, patches and drivers (US)

FAQs and Highlights (US)

This page provides access to the most frequently asked questions and support highlights on Microsoft technologies and products for developers. If the information you are searching for is 'product specific' then this is a good place to start as it also contains access to the Knowledge Base and other product-specific information.

Access the FAQs and highlights (US)

MSDN Bug Center (US)

The MSDN Bug Center allows you to create a query to search the Microsoft Knowledge Base for specific bug, fix and problem articles for Microsoft developer products.

Visit the MSDN Bug Center (US)

MSDN Code Center (US)

The Code Center is the one-stop place for all of your source-code needs.

Visit the MSDN Code Center (US)

MSDN How-To Resources (US)

The How-To Index is a customised search interface for the Microsoft Knowledge Base, allowing you to find articles and tutorials that display different development procedures and code samples for using the most popular Microsoft development products and technologies.

Use the MSDN How-To Index

MSDN Flash

Sign up for the twice-monthly email for developers, which is packed full of the latest developments.

Sign up for the MSDN Flash

MSDN User Groups

The MSDN user group programme provides specific information and support to developers and special interest groups.

Visit MSDN user groups

Microsoft Public Newsgroups (US)

Microsoft public newsgroups allow you to interact with the Microsoft developer community and are a great way to solve technical problems or to supply answers yourself, to learn more about a specific product or technology, or to keep up with the latest buzz in the developer community.

Participate in the Microsoft public developer newsgroups (US)

Participate in general Microsoft public newsgroups (US)

Participate in the Microsoft public IT professional newsgroups (US)

MSDN Chats (US)

MSDN technical chats allow you to interact with Microsoft technology experts in live chat sessions.

Take part in our interactive technical chats (US)

MSDN Webcasts (US)

Tune in and watch live webcast presentations given by Microsoft support professionals, followed by live Q&A sessions. These sessions are held at 5:00 p.m. GMT. Topics covered are advertised in advance and, if you've missed any, there are archived webcasts available on the same site.

View a webcast (US)

MSDN Subscriptions

MSDN Subscriptions give you early and convenient access to essential technical programming information, products, tools and technical support services. Five subscription levels provide an easy, cost-effective way to get the products and technical information you need to take full advantage of Microsoft technologies.

More information on MSDN Subscriptions

More information on MSDN Subscriptions support benefits

TechNet CD Subscriptions

Most IT professionals know the frustration of having too much to do and too little time in which to do it. An annual subscription to TechNet helps you keep on top, with CDs that give you a Welcome Kit and 11 monthly updates featuring technical information to evaluate, deploy and support Microsoft products and exclusive technical support services. Additionally, a TechNet Plus subscription provides access to beta software for evaluation purposes.

If your role is more developer focused, then an MSDN subscription would be of more benefit to you, as TechNet is aimed at those evaluating, deploying and maintaining IT infrastructure.

Visit the TechNet website

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