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Azure Service Manager (ASM)

Virtual Networks and Connectivity

This session begins with a brief overview of azure portals and design decisions for resource groups. The main focus of the session will be the design and implementation of Virtual Networks and inter-site connectivity.

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Resources: MakeCert | PowerShell

IaaS and Addressing

This session focuses on IaaS Virtual Machines. We will investigate connectivity/addressing including a deep understanding of Virtual IP, Private IP and Instance Level IP Addressing.

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Storage and Presence

This session focuses on storage, backup and online presence. We begin by discussing the difference between Blobs, Tables and Queues and then link into a storage container using explorers and Azure Files. Finally, we will design a multi-regional web presence and take advantage of traffic manager profiles.

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Resources: Visual Studio | Website

Azure AD and Databases

This session focuses on joining directories using AD Connect. We will explore Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign on and Password WriteBack. Finally, we will build and deploy and Azure PaaS SQL instance and populate it with sample data.

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Automation and RemoteApp

This session explores RemoteApp and Office Applications to connect back to a PaaS SQL Database. We then focus on deploying and managing VMs using automation.

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Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

Architecting a Company in Azure

This training session will help build presales technical skills by working through an IaaS solution with particular focus on correctly sizing and pricing the components required. We will break the session down into the following topics, first we will understand the components of our solution including Virtual Machines, Storage, Network and Protection and then we will investigate how we size and price the solution using the tools available. Finally, we will assess our knowledge by working through a case study.

Core Networking

Contoso is a small born in the cloud manufacturing company that wishes to build its computing platform in Azure. They also wish to partner with Northwind Traders and establish a connection between the two companies that will allow data to be securely shared. In this session we will design the VNet configurations of both companies and explore the different options available to meet the stated objectives. We will use both PowerShell and GUI tools to create the networks and then create security templates for authentication. Finally, we will create a series of VMs to test communication between the networks.


DevTest Labs

Contoso is a small born in the cloud manufacturing company that wishes to build its computing platform in Azure. Keen to pioneer with the latest technologies Contoso has invested significant funds in building a research and development team. The team have highlighted that applications and dev environments require frequent changes and this often involves significant effort and long delays. In this session, we will discuss how to use Azure DevTest Labs and how to create and manage environments to enforce cost control and resource optimisation.

ASM to ARM Migration

Contoso is a small born in the cloud manufacturing company that wishes to migrate its existing Azure deployments from Azure Service Management to Azure Resource Manager. While ASM continues to be supported, the company realises the immediate benefits of migrating to ARM. This includes benefits such as Template-Based Deployment, Role Based Access Control and Tagging. In this exercise, we will investigate various tools that will aid in the migration process before moving our resources between models.


App Services

Contoso is a small born in the cloud manufacturing company that wishes to build its online identity and social media presence. You have been tasked with identifying the technologies available to aid in achieving the requirements and deploying a Proof of Concept for managements consideration. You will investigate, App Services, App Service Plans, Web Apps and Logic Apps in addition to ensuring that customers from across the globe get access to this information efficiently and with minimal latency by utilising Traffic Manager Profiles.

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Azure Active Directory

Contoso is a small manufacturing company that wishes to link its on premises Active Directory Service to the cloud. They have asked you to discuss the various options available as well as design a Proof of Concept that will allow them to evaluate some of the benefits of moving to a hybrid model. You will navigate the options available within the portal, set up synchronisation with the AD Connect tool and investigate single sign-on and MFA capabilities. Finally, you will look at some of the advanced reporting functions available in the cloud and how they can be used to monitor resources.


CSP Workshop - Day 1

CSP Workshop - Day 2

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