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Cloud VS Claude

  • Watch 7 Second Movie
  • Getting files from home
  • Sharing videos with friends
Create and share the perfect photo

Someone pulling a funny face? Fix it with Photofuse and share it.

Learn more about creating and sharing photos
Chat in HD video

Hi-def chatting and sharing – only with Cloud (not Claude).

Learn more about chat in HD video
Sync files and folders

Left some important stuff on your desktop PC? Fetch it with Mesh.

Learn more about syncing files and folders

To create, connect and share, you can go with Cloud.
Or you can go with Claude.

When you want to get stuff done, you have a choice: go with Cloud, or go with Claude.

One is a remarkable network that syncs, shares and brings PC users anything, anywhere. The other is an unremarkable average guy who hasn't got a clue.

Cloud (a powerful combination of Windows 7 and Windows Live) is the remarkable network. Among other things, it brings you Photofuse, Mesh and HD Chat – cool features that help you create, connect and share better than ever before.

So when you have a problem, just add Cloud. Or just add Claude. Your choice (if you can call it a choice).

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