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Danh mục dưới đây giới thiệu tổng quan về một số diễn đàn và các hội công nghệ của Microsoft. Các website đó cho phép mọi người trao đổi với nhau, hỏi chuyên gia về các vấn đề và học hỏi các công nghệ và sản phẩm mà bạn quan tâm.

Việc trao đổi trên các diễn đàn sẽ được thực hiện bằng tiếng Anh với sự tham gia của các chuyên gia thuộc tập đoàn Microsoft.

FrontPage Community     FrontPage Community
Visit the community for all things FrontPage. Share ideas, get advice, and interact with fellow Microsoft® FrontPage users. Fit for both novices and experts, this community can help you make the most of your FrontPage experience.
MSDN Online Community     MSDN Online Community
Get answers or share your expertise in developer-focused public newsgroups, interact with Microsoft technology experts in live chat sessions, or meet with peers in your area through local user groups.
Microsoft Research University IT Pro Community     Microsoft Research University IT Pro Community
Microsoft Research University IT Pro Community Provides technical support resources specifically focused to Windows implementations in University environments.
.NET Enterprise Servers Community     .NET Enterprise Servers Community
Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers Community is your place to share ideas, get answers to your questions, or read expert advice on Microsoft Server products.
Office Community     Office Community
Join the forum for all things Office. Interact with fellow Office users, share ideas, get your questions answered, and become an Office pro. Resources include newsgroups, tips and tricks, online chats, columns from expert Office users, and more.
TechNet Online Community     TechNet Online Community
Join the IT community and share your ideas and expertise with other IT Professionals through focused public newsgroups and scheduled "Q&A with the Insiders" sessions.
Windows Embedded Community     Windows Embedded Community
Share your experience, get answers and stay current by joining the growing community of Windows Embedded developers and platform enthusiasts. Learn from the experts, submit a tip or trick, participate in our newsgroups, join a chat and more in the Windows Embedded community.
Windows Media Community     Windows Media Community
Whether you are looking for help using Windows Media Player, producing audio and video content, or developing digital media applications: join the fans and professionals in the Windows Media Community to get connected and learn more.
Windows Server Community     Windows Server Community
Interact with your peers and share your questions and knowledge about the Windows Server operating systems—how to deploy them in your IT infrastructure, administer them, and generally make them work for you and your organization.
Windows XP Expert Zone     Windows XP Expert Zone
Expert Zone is the official online community for Microsoft Windows XP enthusiasts. Read new how-to articles by our expert columnists every week, along with new tips from other users. Get help in the Windows XP newsgroups and check out our list of other Windows XP-related communities on the Web.
Xbox     Xbox
Join the growing online community of Xbox fans. Visit Xbox.com to participate in online forums for the Xbox video game system and exciting new Xbox games, such as Halo, Dead or Alive 3, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, NFL Fever 2002 and Project Gotham Racing.


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