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Cập nhật 17/04/2008

Microsoft has affirmed its interest in Vietnam by signing Services Agreement (SA) to support the establishment of Lao Cai e-government system and the signing an Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Industrial & Commercial Bank of Vietnam
As part of this Service Agreement, Microsoft will provide Lao Cai with advanced e-government solution and deployment supports to migrate Lao Cai’s current website to the portal, providing greater and more access points for public, citizens, businesses to information and public services.
According to this enterprises agreement, VietinBank will install Microsoft licensed software for both client and server on its IT system. Also, with the world leading technology and solution, Microsoft will provide technical supports to help VietinBank deploy this project successfully. Under this agreement, VietinBank will be one of the biggest commercial banks in Vietnam to invest in Microsoft genuine software. According to the agreement, VietinBank will gain 7,000 perceptual licensing rights of Microsoft Office Standard 2007 installed in client of VietinBank’s network system.


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