Office System

Office System là một hệ thống tích hợp bao gồm 4 thành phần chính đó là:

  1. Các Chương trình ứng dụng (ví dụ Office 2003, Visio 2003 và FrontPage 2003)

  2. Các Chương trình máy chủ (ví dụ: Exchange 2003, Sharepoint Portal 2003, Project Server 2003 và Live Communication Server 2003)

  3. Các dịch vụ (Live Meeting)

  4. Các giải pháp (ví dụ: Quản trị Dự án Doanh nghiệp)

Cả 4 thành phần nói trên được tích hợp chặt chẽ để có thể làm việc hoàn hảo cùng nhau. Office System cung cấp một nền tảng vững chắc để xây dựng các giải pháp cho phép:

  • Cho phép người sử dụng truy nhập dễ dàng hơn tới các thông tin vì vậy họ sẽ có được đầy đủ thông tin cần thiết để đưa ra các quyết định chính xác.

  • Cải tiến khả năng linh hoạt của một tổ chức cho phép tiên đoán, quản lý và phản hồi tới các thay đổi trong môi trường kinh doanh.

  • Cho phép các nhóm làm việc và các tổ chức làm việc cùng nhau với tốc độ và độ linh hoạt

  • Tăng cường hiệu suất làm việc của cá nhân và cho phép nhiều người sử dụng đóng góp vào sự tăng trưởng của môi trường đòi hỏi cao.

Tìm hiểu về Office System (Hệ thống Office) bao gồm các bộ sản phẩm Office 2003, Exchange 2003, FrontPage 2003, Infopath 2003, OneNote 2003, Sharepoint Portal 2003, Project 2003, Visio 2003, Live Communication Server 2003 và Live Meeting.

Các Chương trình Ứng dụng (Programs)

Các phiên bản Microsoft Office 2003 có thể bao gồm một hoặc tất cả các chương trình ứng dụng con sau đây:
  • Word 2003
    Word 2003 is the Microsoft Office word processor. In response to customer feedback, Word 2003 offers new features to make documents easier to create, share, and read. The review and markup features have been enhanced to address the many ways that you can track changes and manage comments. Word 2003 also supports XML as a file format and serves as a fully functional XML editor. In addition, you can use Word 2003 to save and open XML files to integrate with key business data in your organization. Learn more about Word 2003.
  • Excel 2003
    Excel 2003, the Microsoft Office spreadsheet program, includes support for XML and new features that make it easier to analyze and share information. You can define a portion of a spreadsheet as a list and export it to a Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services Web site. Smart tags in Excel 2003 are more flexible than in Office XP, and enhancements to statistical functions enable you to better analyze information. Learn more about Excel 2003.
  • Outlook 2003
    Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 is the Microsoft Office personal information manager and communication program. Outlook 2003 provides a unified place to manage e-mail, calendars, contacts, and other personal and team information. Key enhancements in Outlook 2003—such as the new cached mode, automatic grouping of messages, junk mail handling, and improved reading views—dramatically improve the way you organize and manage information, and improve performance and user connectivity. Learn more about Outlook 2003
  • PowerPoint 2003
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003, the Microsoft Office presentation graphics program, allows you to create an impact in person or online. With improvements to the user interface and support for Smart tags, PowerPoint 2003 makes it easier to view and create presentations. Multimedia support in PowerPoint 2003 is also improved. You can easily save PowerPoint 2003 files to a CD, and integration with Microsoft Windows Media® Player allows you to play streaming audio and video within a slide show. Learn more about PowerPoint 2003.
  • Access 2003
    Access 2003, the Microsoft Office database management program, offers an improved ease of use and an expanded ability to import, export, and work with XML data files. Working in Access 2003 is easier because common errors are identified and flagged for you, and then you receive options to correct them. A new feature also helps database developers identify object dependencies for them. Learn more about Access 2003.
  • FrontPage 2003
    Microsoft Office FrontPage® 2003, the Microsoft Office Web site creation and management program, delivers powerful features and controls to help you design better Web sites, generate code faster, and extend your Web capabilities by incorporating XML and connecting to external data sources. FrontPage 2003 gives you the ability to broaden your Web publishing beyond static pages into advanced, interactive Web sites. Learn more about FrontPage 2003.
  • OneNote 2003
    Microsoft Office OneNote™ 2003, the Microsoft Office note-taking and management program, enables you to capture, organize, and reuse notes on a laptop or desktop computer, or a Tablet PC. OneNote 2003 gives you one place to capture multiple forms of information, including typed and handwritten notes, hand-drawn diagrams, audio recordings, photos and pictures from the Web, and information from other programs. OneNote 2003 then helps you organize and reuse that information the way you prefer, so you can better manage the deluge of information you face each day. Learn more about OneNote 2003.
  • Publisher 2003
    Microsoft Office Publisher 2003, the Microsoft Office business publishing and marketing materials program, makes it easier than ever to create, design, and publish professional marketing and communication materials. You can create materials for print, e-mail, and the Web using the same familiar user interface in other Microsoft Office System programs. Publisher 2003 takes creating and publishing marketing materials to a new level. Learn more about Publisher 2003.
  • Project 2003
    Microsoft Office Project 2003, part of the Microsoft Office System, is a family of products that includes Microsoft Office Project Standard 2003, Microsoft Office Project Professional 2003, and Microsoft Office Project Server 2003. Project Professional 2003 and Project Server 2003 work together to provide a powerful Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution that enables organizations to align business initiatives, projects, and resources for better business results. By using its flexible reporting and analysis capabilities, you can be sure that you have actionable information to help you optimize resources, prioritize work, and align your projects with overall business objectives. Learn more about Project 2003.
  • Visio 2003
    Microsoft Office Visio® 2003, the Microsoft Office business and technical diagramming program, helps you transform ideas and traditional business data into diagrams. Visio helps you better understand and communicate important information, so you can improve your decision-making process, build consensus across the organization, enhance communication, and make a more professional, lasting impact on your audience. Learn more about Visio 2003.
  • InfoPath 2003
    Microsoft Office InfoPath™ 2003, the Microsoft Office information gathering and management program, streamlines the process of gathering information. This new program allows you to do three key activities: create dynamic forms, complete the forms, and submit these forms to XML-enabled systems and business processes. It provides a highly efficient and flexible way to gather information, and make it reusable for everyone in your organization. InfoPath 2003 makes it easier for information workers to provide and get to the information they need in a timely fashion, which leads to better-informed decisions. Learn more about InfoPath 2003.

Các chương trình Máy chủ (Servers)

  • Project Server 2003
    Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 is the platform that supports the project and resource management and collaboration capabilities in the Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution. Employees connect to Project Server 2003 through Project Professional and Project Web Access to save, retrieve, and interact with Project Server data. Project Server 2003 requires Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as the server database for full enterprise project and resource management capabilities. Learn more about Project Server 2003.
  • SharePoint Portal Server 2003
    Microsoft Office SharePoint™ Portal Server 2003 enables enterprises to develop an intelligent portal that seamlessly connects information workers, teams, and knowledge so that people can leverage relevant information across business processes to help them work more efficiently. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 provides a secure enterprise business solution that integrates information from various systems into one solution through single sign-on and enterprise application integration capabilities, as well as flexible deployment options and management tools. Learn more about SharePoint Portal Server 2003.
  • Live Communications Server 2005
    Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005, the Microsoft Office enterprise communications server, is the new enterprise instant messaging (IM) solution and extensible real-time communications platform from Microsoft that helps information workers get connected and communicate with impact. Live Communications Server 2003 enables an enterprise to deploy a managed IM solution with functionality such as logging, archiving, file transfer, audio/video conferencing, and application sharing. Learn more about Live Communications Server 2005.

Các dịch vụ (Services)

  • Live Meeting
    Microsoft Office Live Meeting, formerly PlaceWare Conference Center, is a new service in the Microsoft Office System that lets you collaborate online with employees, clients, and customers in real time with groups of 2 or more than 2,000. All you need is a phone, computer, and Internet connection to free yourself from the cost and hassle of business travel. Learn more about Live Meeting.

Các Giải pháp (Solutions)

Transform your information into impact with solutions you or other companies develop using Microsoft Office System programs, servers, and services.

Microsoft Office Systems Solutions Directory
Browse the Solutions Directory to find Microsoft Office System solutions developed by companies that can deploy in your organization. Solutions are available in several categories, including Business Intelligence, Team Collaboration, Integrated Communications, Mobile Workforce, Enterprise Project Management, Six Sigma, and Business Process Automation. Browse the Microsoft Office System Solutions Directory.

Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Solution
The Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution, which consists of the Project 2003 products and technologies, enables entire organizations, departments, or teams to work together to manage projects and processes effectively. It is ideal for organizations that need strong coordination and standardization between projects and project managers, centralized resource management, or higher-level reporting about projects and resources. Learn more about the Enterprise Project Management solution.