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Plus! Digital Media Edition 
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Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Plus! and Plus! Digital Media Edition » Why Recommend to your customers?

Why Recommend to your customers?

Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition
The Ultimate Photo, Music, and Video Expansion Pack for Windows XP. Now includes Plus! Photo Story 2 with Video CD Burning.

Share Photos in a Whole New Way with Plus! Photo Story 2
With Plus! Photo Story 2, it’s never been easier to add video effects, music, and narration to photos and share them by e-mail, by Pocket PC, or on most home DVD players. The critically acclaimed Plus! Photo Story 2 uses advanced compression to create high-quality, full-screen, animated stories at a fraction of the file size.

Take Digital Music to the Max
As a special bonus, get essential and amusing digital music enhancements including:

  • Plus! Audio Converter.
    Convert digital music files quickly and easily from one format to another, helping save time and file size while preserving quality.
  • Plus! Party Mode for Microsoft Windows Media® Player.
    Turn a Windows XP-based PC into the ultimate full-screen party music and video jukebox, complete with custom themes or "skins", all while protecting personal files.
  • Plus! Analog Recorder.
    Copy aging cassette tapes and vinyl records to clean, vibrant digital music files with features like hiss and pop reduction, track splitting, and more, so you get the most out of your existing music collection.
  • Plus! Dancers.
    Watch as 3-D dancers and game characters come to life on the desktop, matched to the genre and beat of the music. More than 25 dancers are now available on CD or for download, with new moves including Cheer, 60’s Retro, Rave, Country/Western, and popular Microsoft Xbox® and Windows-based game characters!
  • Plus! CD Label Maker.
    Easily create and print colorful and customized CD covers, inserts, and labels in just four simple steps. CD Label Maker automatically adds the artist, album, and track information!
  • Alarm clock and sleep timer.
    Go to sleep or wake up listening to the music you want to hear.
Enhance Home Movies
Your customers can unleash their inner movie director with an expansive collection of 50 new video effects and transitions for Windows Movie Maker 2.

Enjoy Favorite Music and Video on the Go with Pocket PC
With Plus! Sync & Go for Pocket PC, your customers can download the latest news and music to Microsoft Windows Mobile™—based Pocket PC devices. Choose both audio and video content from the Web or a music library from Windows Media Player, and have it synchronized automatically to a Pocket PC.

Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP
The ultimate desktop personalization pack for Windows XP

  • Personalize the Desktop with 3-D Screen Savers and Themes
    • Your customers can personalize the computer desktop with lifelike 3-D screen savers including a realistic marine aquarium filled with exotic fish. Or they can use their own favorite photographs to create a custom-animated 3-D photo gallery—with their favorite background music—and make the PC even more personal.
    • Enhanced themes include new wallpapers, icons, sounds, Windows Media Player skins, and much more.
  • Enjoy Music Enhancements
    • Personalize Windows Media Player with exclusive skins and 3-D visualizations.
  • Take a Break with Classic Games
    • Put a new spin on bowling with HyperBowl Plus! Edition in 3-D, which takes the classic game out of the alley and into the streets of ancient Rome.
    • Test your steel with Labyrinth Plus! Edition, a variation of the classic tabletop marble maze game filled with vibrant visuals and sounds, and more than 40 unique and challenging levels.
    • Tetris fans will love Russian Square, a fun and exciting puzzle game.


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