The current economic downturn poses numerous challenges to all economic sectors, but many experts think that it also presents rare opportunities for the IT industry to offer solutions to help businesses cut costs and increase market activities.
Companies are looking for ways to cut costs and reduce risks as they confront issues like tighter credit, reduced business activity and slower consumer spending. But with challenges come opportunities. Business leaders who maintain a long-term perspective even as they take short term steps to adjust to the current economic realities have the chance to sharpen their organization’s focus on the right priorities and ensure that they have the right resources working to achieve the right business objectives.
These resources include both people and technology. This is the time when thoughtful businesses leaders must carefully assess how to best utilize their resources to weather the uncertainty that lies ahead. A new generation of technology innovations is enabling forward-looking businesses to build information systems that are more flexible, more cost effective and that enable people to understand and respond to changing business conditions with greater insight and speed than ever before.
How IT help businesses during this critical period though some given examples below. First, virtualization is a technology that makes it possible to run more than one operating systems on a single computer, thus reducing costs and energy consumption by enabling organizations to use more of the computing power that they already own. Second, unified communications technologies bring voice communications, e-mail, and instant messaging together to allow organizations to replace traditional phone systems with integrated software solutions that reduce hardware and maintenance costs.
Third, optimizing on travel is an obvious way that companies can save money. Today, video conferencing and new collaboration tools are making virtual meetings much more like face-to-face interaction and enabling people to share and collaborate more effectively. In addition, companies are finding that reducing computer energy usage is one of the most effective ways to lower costs without hampering organizational capabilities.
At Microsoft, we moved 25 per cent of our servers into a virtualized environment during 2007. The resulting savings top $10 million and today, it takes just four people to manage the group’s 3,500 servers. By implementing a unified messaging system, we are saving $5 million each year through hardware and maintenance costs.
I am confident that if we continue to play offence by reaching out and helping our customers and partners during this difficult period, by showing them how to leverage the power of technology and innovation to create new business models, we will build lasting trust as a strategic advisor and create more opportunities.

Yours sincerely,

  Christophe Desriac
General Director – Microsoft Vietnam
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