The current economic downturn poses numerous challenges to all economic sectors, but many experts think that it also presents rare opportunities for the IT industry to offer solutions to help businesses cut costs and increase market activities.

Companies are looking for ways to cut costs and reduce risks as they confront issues like tighter credit, reduced business activity and slower consumer spending. But with challenges come opportunities. Business leaders who maintain a long-term perspective even as they take short term steps to adjust to the current economic realities have the chance to sharpen their organization’s focus on the right priorities and ensure that they have the right resources working to achieve the right business objectives.

These resources include both people and technology. This is the time when thoughtful businesses leaders must carefully assess how to best utilize their resources to weather the uncertainty that lies ahead ...

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Economies around the world are slowing down, and companies are looking for way to trim spending and improve the bottom line. Although information technology often represents a small fraction of the corporate cost base, senior executives inevitably turn their attention to IT budgets for substantial contributions...
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The reason are the ability to easily deploy, we obtained very good support from Microsoft and its partners, reasonable price and particular, most users are familiar with Microsoft applications....
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