Reduce IT costs with VIRTUALIZATION: Microsoft Virtualization addresses the growing challenges of complex hardware deployment and management, power costs and data center space. more details | request for information  
Improve user productivity with DESKTOP EXPERIENCE: Windows Vista gives your business an advantage by empowering your most valuable asset-people. The Desktop Experience combines the Windows Vista Enterprise and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack to provide powerful technologies that help you secure, efficiently manage, and lower the costs of your organization’s desktop infrastructure. more details | request for information

Lower communication costs with UNIFIED COMMUNICATION: Use Microsoft Unified Communications for instant messaging, VoIP, video and audio conferencing to reduce travel and phone bills.
more details | request for information
Reduce interaction costs with COLLABORATION: Microsoft Collaboration helps connect people, processes and information by providing a single, integrated location where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members, find organization, manage content and workflow, and leverage business insight to make better-informed decision. more details | request for information  
Create a Dynamic Business and Reduce Costs with INFRASTRUCTURE OPTIMIZATION: Core Infrastructure/Business Productivity/Application Platform. Our three optimization models allow business to assess current IT capability and reach a state of dynamic IT, thereby reducing costs and leading to increased agility and improved service levels.. more details | request for information
Improve business process with ERP & CRM: Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP solutions help optimize business operations, improve customer service and enhance certainty while making decisions. more details | request for information

Improve decision-making capabilities with BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions reduce the time-lag between data collection, organization and decision-making, thereby improving operational efficiency. more details | request for information