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Sporton International

Sporton International, which provides testing and certification services, wanted to give remote employees secure access to confidential data on the corporate network. It also sought to better deliver data to branch offices and easily identify outdated files. Sporton implemented Windows Server® 2008 R2, which offers features including DirectAccess to simplify remote connectivity, BranchCache™ to improve data access, and File Classification Infrastructure to automate management of outdated files. With the new solution, some sales tasks at Sporton are 90 percent faster than before and the average file download time at branch offices is 40 percent faster. In addition, the IT staff spends 30 percent less time on remote support and 80 percent less time on file management. Sporton is also saving U.S.$30,000 a year on bandwidth and its top salespeople have increased their revenues by 5 percent.

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