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Integrated Community Oncology Network

Based in Florida, The Integrated Community Oncology Network (ICON) is an association of physicians dedicated to delivering an integrated approach to cancer treatment, research, education, and prevention. Today, ICON's 400 employees work in offices throughout the First Coast region of Florida, including Jacksonville, Saint Augustine, Orange Park, Palatka, and the Jacksonville Beaches. As a small group that is on point for all infrastructure and support issues across a healthcare agency, the workload for the IT team at ICON can be heavy. Add to this the additional burden of managing a backup and recovery solution that is not able to adapt to the needs of the organization, and IT resources become noticeably thin. The level of management required by ICON's tape-based solution had begun to erode the team's ability to focus on strategic projects. By deploying the DPM 2007 disk-based backup solution however, ICON's IT department is now able to focus more of its efforts toward developing and deploying solutions that support the organization's long-term, strategic technology goals.

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