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Hostway Corporation is one of the world's largest Web hosting companies, providing a full range of Internet services to 2 million direct and indirect customers worldwide. To curb server proliferation, reduce hardware and setup costs, and improve availability, the Hostway Enterprise Services division used the Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter operating system, the Hyper-V technology, Microsoft System Center data center solutions, and the Microsoft Dynamic Data Center Toolkit for Hosting to create an on-demand, dedicated virtual server offering. With the new platform, Hostway will slash server deployment work by up to 1,000 hours a month and expects hardware and electrical costs to drop by nearly U.S.$2 million annually. Hostway was also able to cut 60 to 90 days from its product introduction cycle and get to market sooner with a cost-effective offering that boasts 100 percent uptime.

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