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Based in Oslo, Norway, Mamut provides business software and hosting services to small and midsize businesses. The company used early virtualization solutions to halve its server holdings, but it wanted to achieve further reductions by increasing the number of guest servers on each host. To grow business without adding more servers, Mamut uses the Windows Server 2008 operating system with Hyper-V virtualization technology, as well as Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008. Mamut has created more than 100 virtual machines (VMs) under Hyper-V and will migrate 1,000 existing VMs to the new software by the end of 2008. With Hyper-V, Mamut can create 40 VMs per host, decrease VM setup time from 50 to 40 minutes for thousands of VMs, and increase server utilization significantly. These efficiencies are helping Mamut grow its business with minimal overhead.

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