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TIBCO Software, Inc.

TIBCO delivers The Power of Now® with integration software that connects incompatible IT assets and process management software that orchestrates systems and people, and a range of other software products that enable the real-time processing and presentation of information. With over 20 years of experience in mission-critical environments, TIBCO is synonymous with extreme performance, scalability, and reliability.

Forty-seven of the world's top 100 companies, including giants like Delta Air Lines, FedEx, Merrill Lynch, and Telecom Italia are TIBCO customers. TIBCO gives organizations The Power of Now by providing innovative software that helps them pursue initiatives in three important areas: SOA, BPM, and, Business Optimization.

Solution Description

TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ is a service platform for heterogeneous SOA. It gives enterprises a simpler and more productive way to deliver service-oriented applications by cleanly separating the applications from the technology details. This separation enables companies to incrementally add orchestration, integration, mediation, Java, and .NET for services to a unified runtime platform. Business analysts, architects, developers, and administrators can now be up to 50% more productive by collaborating through common tools to graphically compose, deploy, and manage service-oriented applications.

Administrators can now deploy applications composed of heterogeneous services through a single console. Built-in governance allows companies to add policy management or govern the service lifecycle without having to change the applications.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix grid-based architecture enables service virtualization by handling the details of hosting and governing these services across distributed and diverse IT infrastructures and global organizations.

Product and Service Offerings

TIBCO ActiveMatrix™ Service Performance Manager is an enterprise software platform that monitors and proactively manages the health and performance of IT and business services based on service level agreements. In large-scale services networks, tracking the performance and reliability of your services is an absolute must.

ActiveMatrix Service Performance Manager not only provides you with instant visibility into running your services, but also allows you to set up automatic deployment of extra service instances in order to meet load spikes. It ensures that service level agreements (SLAs) are not violated during the unexpected peaks. It allows you to set up rules to monitor service performance, service availability, service usage, and more.

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