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ToutVirtual, Inc.

ToutVirtual, Inc. is an emerging leader in virtualization system optimization software to manage and automate virtual computing processes and ease the transition from design to deployment. VirtualIQ, the company's flagship product suite, allows organizations to obtain a holistic view and control their virtual infrastructure including servers, applications, storage, and clients independently of the underlying virtual computing platform.

Unlike other companies whose products are vendor specific, platform specific, or network tier specific, ToutVirtual software operates across multiple platforms and is multi-tier to prolong product life, protect IT investments, and maximize ROI.

Solution Description

The VirtualIQ suite of products is designed to support virtual server room operations through three stages of virtualization — design, deploy, and deliver stages — helping users make correct decisions for virtualization optimization along the way. The suite of products allows users to compare how various virtualization platforms, such as Hyper-V, perform running different applications. In addition, it provides visibility and policy-based control in managing the Hyper-V based environments.

VirtualIQ suite of products supports multiple virtualization platforms for an apple-to-apple comparison and provides all essential decision-making data in a single, integrated web console that is simple to install and use.

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