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ClearCube is the global market leader and pioneer in Centralized Computing solutions, delivering always-on secured computing to every user, every time, everywhere. By centralizing computing assets in a single location, ClearCube provides a dramatic, measurable improvement in the security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of managing and supporting PCs.

The ClearCube virtualization solution is a virtualization offering that ensures sufficient end-user computing power and full information security by centrally managing PC blades, servers, and virtual machines from a single location. This eliminates end-user downtime, security concerns related to data "walking out" the front door and high IT management costs.

Solution Description

The ClearCube virtualization solution combines Microsoft Hyper-V enabled, ClearCube blades with the company's award-winning Sentral™ management software, enabling organizations to deploy a comprehensive virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that more efficiently utilizes IT assets. Virtualizing via the ClearCube Platform enables organizations to provide a true virtualization solution by fully utilizing both the physical and virtual resources in the data center. Each blade becomes a VDI resource allowing multiple end users to have the full PC experience while sharing resources.

Product and Service Offerings

ClearCube Sentral™ is the key component of any true desktop virtualization solution. Providing Thinclient management, Hypervisor discovery and control, Connection Brokering and desktop system administration, Sentral provides a single management platform for monitoring, controlling and connecting multiple end-user desktop clients to centralized resources in the data center. By automatically allocating computing resources as needed, Sentral enables organizations to more effectively manage their desktop IT infrastructure and guarantee desktop computing power at all employee user levels.

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