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The Windows Web Application Gallery provides instant access to the most popular free web applications available today. With just a few clicks you can install any of these applications and be up and running within minutes.

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The Most Popular Web Applications
With over 20 of the most popular applications on the web, the Windows Web Application Gallery has a free application to suit your needs, whether it be CMS, blogging, eCommerce, wikis, or more.

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Simply select an application and the Microsoft Web Platform Installer will configure and install all the pre-requisites for you.

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Leverage the power and flexibility of Windows and IIS with a strong community ecosystem providing the support and assurance that allows you to choose any application with confidence.


"The Web App Gallery has made installing Joomla! on Windows a matter of a few clicks. Instead of trying to download the dependencies and configure them myself or find a package that installs properly and then try to install Joomla!, all I need to do is ask for a Joomla! install and IIS, PHP and MySQL are downloaded, installed and configured to run with very little intervention on my part. It has made my life a lot easier. "

Sam Moffatt, Joomla! Developer

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