Advanced Performance Tuning PHP Apps on Windows with Wincache 7/13/2011

A few weeks ago I wrote a post that showed how to improve the performance of PHP applications on Windows by using the IIS output caching module. Using the output caching module can have significant positive impact on application performance since pages are served from cache without executing any PHP code. However, this very strength can also be a drawback depending on how your application is built. Because entire pages are cached, using output caching may not be ideal for pages that have multiple data sources. The Wincache extension to PHP provides an alternative (and/or compliment) to output caching. In this post, I’ll look at what performance improvements you get for “free” just by enabling the Wincache extension, as well as how you can cache user objects to get finer caching granularity than output caching affords.

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In this article, I’ll show you how to improve the performance of PHP applications on Windows/IIS by covering the What, When, and How of using the IIS Output Caching module. As background reading (or for the condensed version of my post), I suggest reading this: Configure IIS 7 Output Caching (and I strongly suggest reading the introduction to that article).

Read the full article... Understanding MySQL Errors when installing Web Apps in WebMatrix 2/10/2011

A common issue that we’re seeing being reported by folks using WebMatrix is an inability to connect to a MySQL database when installing a PHP Web Application, usually with access denied. These error remains even if MySQL is uninstalled and then reinstalled.

This article details the most common scenario – that the admin password from a previous install is cached -- and shows how to fix it.

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