WordPress WebMatrix 2 Beta: Open Source in the Palm of Your Hand 9/8/2011

WebMatrix includes everything you need for open-source web development. Many of our developers rely on open-source software, so we worked with open source communities, developers, and standards groups to more tightly integrate functionality. You can build off of applications like Umbraco or Joomla, create a site from built-in templates, or start from scratch.

Read the full article... Your First Website Using WebMatrix 1/18/2011

This guide introduces you to WebMatrix, Microsoft's new one-stop website authoring tool that lets you create, edit, and publish websites easily.

This getting-started guide will help you:

  • Install WebMatrix.
  • Download and install an open-source web application along with its prerequisites.
  • Perform the initial set up, including setting database and site administrator credentials.
  • Edit some files in the site using the built-in code editor.
  • Edit the site's database using the built-in database manager.
  • Run a site analysis to look for potential optimizations.
  • Prepare to publish your site to a web hosting provider.
Read the full article... Build a Web Site in twenty minutes using WordPress and WebMatrix 11/23/2010

In this Video, Laurence Moroney, Microsoft shows you how to create a web site using WebMatrix and WordPress in just under 20 minutes!

You'll see how WebMatrix can be used to download and configure WordPress, and run it on your local stack. You'll see how easy it is to configure your Wordpress site, writing PHP code using WebMatrix, and how to publish your WordPress site to the internet quickly and easily.

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