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ENTER THE WEBMATRIX – mark your calendar to join us on January 13th

Microsoft WebMatrix is a web development tool for Windows that integrates a web server, a database and programming frameworks into a single, integrated experience. Join us on January 13th to learn more.

Find the right web hosting for your site with the new Microsoft Web Hosting Gallery

The new Microsoft Web Hosting Gallery can help you find the right hosting partner for your Web application. Use the gallery to find a local provider that supports the technologies you need with shared or dedicated hosting at an affordable price.

Register for a free Web Camp: Learn and Build on the Microsoft Web Platform

Interested in learning how new innovations in Microsoft's Web Platform and developer tools like ASP.NET 4 and Visual Studio 2010 can make you a more productive web developer? If you're currently working with PHP, Ruby, ASP or older versions of ASP.NET and want to hear how you can create amazing websites more easily, then register for a Web Camp near you today!

Get FREE Web App Toolkits to quickly complete common web development tasks

These FREE Web App Toolkits help you complete common web development tasks and quickly add new features to your apps. Whether it's Bing Maps integration or adding social capabilities to your site, there's a toolkit for you. Download and install them today.

Get the worlds' most popular web applications in just a few clicks

The Windows Web Application Gallery provides instant access to the most popular free web applications available today. With just a few clicks you can install any of these applications and be up and running within minutes.