PHP on Windows

We know PHP hasn’t always run smoothly on the Windows platform, so we’ve now optimized Windows Server to support your PHP applications through a new component: FastCGI. FastCGI works as an interface between PHP engine and IIS, and it ensures that PHP runs much faster than with CGI and way more reliable than PHP ISAPI.

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Install the latest version of PHP for Windows using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. It’s fast, easy and takes the guess work out of getting PHP up and running on Windows and IIS.

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PHP + Windows Server

PHP + Windows

The Microsoft Web Platform supports interoperability of PHP applications and solutions built on Windows. Many PHP developers currently use Windows for their development environment of choice, and with the Windows Web Application Gallery, PHP developers now can choose from numerous applications and solutions, built in PHP, that run well on Windows. In addition, PHP developers can benefit from the huge community bases of ASP.NET, PHP, Microsoft Partners, and other communities out there that are committed to supporting the Windows Web Application Gallery. Microsoft is committed to helping developers, regardless of language of preference, be successful on the platform.

Windows Web App Gallery

Discover. Install. Enjoy.

The Windows Web App Gallery provides simple streamline ways for users to explore, discover, install and deploy PHP web applications on the Windows Platform. Take advantage of the Web App Gallery to share your web app with millions of Windows users worldwide! Are you a developer? If so head over to the developer’s section and get an inside look into how you can join in on the fun. Here you can download documentation, guidelines and even submit your web app. Head over now.

PHP SQL Server Driver

SQL Driver

The SQL Server Driver for PHP v1.0 is designed to enable reliable, scalable integration with SQL Server for PHP applications deployed on the Windows platform. The Driver for PHP is a PHP 5 extension that allows the reading and writing of SQL Server data from within PHP scripts. It provides a procedural interface for accessing data in all Editions of SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 (including Express Editions). Visit the SQL Server PHP Driver website for more information.


Fast. FastCGI

The IIS FastCGI component enables popular application frameworks like PHP be hosted on the IIS web server in a high-performance and reliable way. FastCGI helps these application frameworks to achieve improved performance on Windows over CGI, while allowing stable operation in production environments.

PHP on Windows Expression Web


Open and edit PHP pages directly in Expression Web 2 and apply the full range of standards-based design tools to PHP. Open and edit PHP pages directly in Expression Web 2 and apply the full range of standards-based design tools to PHP including code-coloring, snippets and IntelliSense™. It also ships with a PHP development server that lets you test your PHP pages without any other external web server dependencies. Learn more about Expression Web.


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