Microsoft Developer Tools: Visual Studio

Visual Studio offers a comprehensive development environment to help Web developers build standards-based Web applications and services. It improves productivity by allowing users to rapidly develop, test and deploy Web solutions. Learn more on the Visual Studio website.

Visual Studio offers a free version aimed at Web developers. With Visual Web Developer Express, you get a full featured web development environment for working with ASP.NET, Javascript and Web standards. Best of all, it’s free as part of the Microsoft Web Platform. Download it now.

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Easy to get. Free to use

Get everything you need to start building standards-friendly web applications with the free version of Visual Studio using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Visual Web Developer 2010 Express is a full featured web development editor for working with Web standards, Javascript and ASP.NET. This simple, streamlined installer will get your development machine ready to go. In addition, you’ll get the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform including frameworks, web server and database. Download it now.

Visual Studio Standards Support


Easily create standards-based Web sites and expand your audience by making your Web sites accessible from a range of browsers and devices. Easily work with XHTML and CSS through Visual Studio’s extensive palette of tools for quickly accessing XHTML and CSS properties. Create clean HTML markup and CSS layouts using ASP.NET 4 to be standard compliant. Use the built-in tools to ensure your website is XHTML or WCAG compliance.

Visual Studio Javascript Support

Javascript Front and Center

Features such as syntax highlighting and formatting along with other Intellisense support helps you work better with Javascript. Take advantage of the enhanced debugging support for Javascript and step-through and debug Javascript just like a server side programming language. In addition, Visual Studio fully supports 3rd party Javascript frameworks such as jQuery with features such as code auto-completion.

Visual Studio Intellisense

IntelliSense Everywhere

Improve your productivity with Intellisense for everything from server side programming languages such as C# and VB to markup, style sheets and Javascript libraries. Features such as syntax highlighting and auto-completion help you organize your code better and work faster. Method summary and parameter descriptions help you make informed choices without switching context.

Visual Studio Design Surface

Rich Design Surface

Increase productivity with multi-monitor support. Work in the source view with markup, use the design view to see the rendered layout or use split view to work with both at the same time. Take advantage of the ability to create multiple horizontal or vertical tab groups to compare files.

Visual Studio Design Surface

Your Manager

Manage your entire application using our comprehensive development environment. Work with web pages, classes and client libraries using the Solution Explorer. Use CSS management tools to create and edit style sheets. Connect to servers and databases using the Server Explorer. You can also incorporate web services or rich internet applications and deploy to Web servers all without ever leaving the environment.

Visual Studio Debugger

Squash Bugs

Benefit from the rich debugging functionality. Test Web applications using the built-in development server. Debug server side code written in C# or VB, client side script written in Javascript or even stored procedures written using SQL. Attach to processes, set breakpoints, step-through code, inspect variables, call stacks and more, all at your fingertips. Debug your web application in a browser of your choice letting verify cross-browser compatibility.

Visual Studio Multiple Versions


Start taking advantage of Visual Studio today. With Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express, you get all the tools you need to start building web sites, applications and services free! Visual Web Developer is included as part of the Microsoft Web Platform. What are you waiting for?

Everything you need to get started, FREE with a single streamlined installer.