Get Started Faster with WebMatrix 2 Beta

In our new release, it’s even easier to get started with your favorite OSS application from the App Gallery.

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Quick Start Is Streamlined (top)

The Quick Start screen has new features, but we’ve slimmed it down to show only what’s necessary when WebMatrix first loads. Start here whether you want a template, OSS app, remote or existing site.


Application Install Progress Is Tracked (top)

The new breadcrumb bar across the top displays the stages required to install an app, and tracks which ones you’ve completed as you go.


Database Root Passwords Are Securely Stored (top)

WebMatrix can store your database root password for later use. Entering it once saves you from having to enter it again later when you install other apps.


Direct Download Links Are Shown (top)

On the EULA page, you will notice the new, simpler Direct Download Link that takes you to the download for the application you selected.


Application Parameters Are Auto-generated (top)

WebMatrix now handles many application parameters, like the database name, username and password, for you, simplifying your installation experience. The Copy to Clipboard link allows you to save the information for later use.


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