Getting started with Joomla and WebMatrix

Joomla is a free, open source content management system and application framework that powers many web sites, built using PHP and MySQL. It’s easy to use on Windows, and WebMatrix makes it even easier.

In this video you’ll see how, in just a few minutes you can install a Joomla! site and start configuring it, including modifying the theme and adding content to the CMS.

WebMatrix and Joomla!

WebMatrix is a free tool from Microsoft that lets you create, customize and publish web sites. It integrates the Web Application Gallery where dozens of open source applications are at your fingertips. When using WebMatrix, all of the dependencies that you need to get an open source application like Joomla! are found, downloaded, installed and configured for you. It makes the process of getting up and running with Joomla! seamless and worry free.

Check out this video that shows all the steps in just 3 minutes.

Watch Video

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