How to Create a Website in WebMatrix

In WebMatrix, there are three ways to create a new site. You can create a site from folder—which opens an existing folder on your computer; you can use a built-in template—which is a basic site you can use as a starting point; or you can use an OSS web application—which is a set of popular applications that have rich functionality and can be easily customized.

This tutorial shows you how to use WebMatrix to create a website from an OSS web application.

1. On the WebMatrix Quick Start page, choose App Gallery.

2. In the Site from Web Gallery wizard, choose an application. You can browse the categories on the left, such as blogs or forums, or search for a specific application using the search bar in the top right corner. Applications are sorted by their number of downloads.


3. Depending on the application you choose, the install process will vary. This tutorial uses Joomla! as an example.

4. If the application allows more than one database option, you can use the default or select a database engine from the list. Enter the database administrative password (sa for SQL Server and root for MySQL).


5. Click I Accept to agree to the EULA for the installation of the application and any dependencies. For example, if SQL Server or PHP was not installed, it would appear in this list.


6. If the application requires any parameters, enter them, and then click Next.


7. Once installation is complete, the database connection information will be displayed. Some applications will require you to enter this information again, so click the Copy To Clipboard link.


8. After you click OK, WebMatrix opens its workspace for the site and also launches the site in the browser. Some applications require additional setup steps which you can complete by using the browser page that is launched.


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