How to Edit a Remote Site in WebMatrix

This tutorial shows you how to open a remote site from WebMatrix.

1. From the WebMatrix Quick Start page, click Open Site, and then choose Remote Site.


2. You will be prompted to enter settings for the remote site. On the right side of the dialog, notice the Import publish settings link. A number of hosting providers, including Windows Azure, provide a publish profile for you in their control panel. You can enter the remote settings by importing the publish settings profile, which will save you some typing, or you can enter the settings manually.


3. The site will now open remotely. You can see the list of folders and files that are on your remote site. To save you time and bandwidth, WebMatrix does not automatically download all of the folders and files. However, you can expand a folder to start loading its contents, or double-click a file to download a temporary copy.



4. After you have edited a file and click Save (or press CTRL+S on the keyboard), WebMatrix automatically saves the file back to the remote site.


5. If you close a site and want to access it later, you can quickly open it from the File menu (File > Open > My Sites) or from the Quick Start page when WebMatrix loads (Open Site > My Sites).


6. If you want to download the site to make changes and test them locally, you can click the Download button on the Remote tab. This will automatically download the entire site and install any dependencies that are needed for the site to run!


If you’re running into difficulties when editing remote sites or publishing to them, read our troubleshooting guide.

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