How to Install and Use the Windows Phone 7 Emulator

This tutorial shows you how to install and use the Windows Phone 7 emulator for WebMatrix. The Windows Phone 7 emulator lets you see how your website will look and run on Windows Phone 7.

1. In WebMatrix, open the site that you want to view.

2. In the Run drop-down menu, choose Windows Phone 7.


3. If you don’t have the Windows Phone 7 emulator extension installed, follow the install wizard to download and install the emulator. This might take a few minutes.


4. After the installation completes, return to the Run menu drop-down and select the Windows Phone 7 option.


This will launch your site in the Windows Phone 7 emulator.


5. WebMatrix remembers your last browser selection. So, if you want to launch the Windows Phone 7 emulator the next time you view the application, simply click Run—you won't have to use the drop-down menu.


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