How to Install WebMatrix Extensions

WebMatrix extensions are features and services that you can add to WebMatrix to expand its capabilities. You can add the extensions by using the new WebMatrix 2 Extension Gallery feature. This tutorial shows you how to install an extension for WebMatrix by using the Extensions Gallery.

1. If you have not downloaded and installed WebMatrix, you can do so for free here.

2. Run WebMatrix. The Quick Start screen lets you select a site to work with. In this tutorial, you'll create a new site based on one of the WebMatrix templates, so choose Templates.


3. For this example, choose Personal Site.


4. To create the site, click Next or double click the Personal Site template button. The site opens within WebMatrix. On the ribbon, note the Gallery button.clip_image003

5. Click Gallery to display the Extensions Gallery:


6. Browse or search the available extensions, and then choose one to install. A description is provided for each. Click Install, and accept the EULA. The example below uses ColorThemeManager.


7. After the extension is installed, a new button for the extension appears on the ribbon. In this case, the Theme button gives you access to the Color Theme Manager.


8. Your extension is ready to use in WebMatrix. To uninstall the extension, or to update it, just use the Extension Gallery again.

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