How to Manage a website hosted on Windows Azure from WebMatrix

Version 3

This article shows you how to directly go to the right place in the Windows Azure management portal from WebMatrix in order to scale your site, monitor usage data and performance, add custom domains, or purchase cloud services from the store.

Managing an Azure Website

1. In WebMatrix, open your website hosted on Windows Azure.

2. Click on the corresponding options in the Windows Azure group under the Remote tab.

Note: You’ll be presented with a log in screen to the Windows Azure portal the first time you click on any one of these options.

o Manage: this launches the Dashboard management page of the website you are editing in WebMatrix. The page includes information about your website usage measurements (such as CPU time, Requests, Data Out/In, Http Errors), linked resources, and publishing and deployment info of the website.


o Monitor: this launches the Monitor management page of the website. The page provides a chart displaying the website’s usage information (by default the same metrics on the Dashboard page, but can also be configured to include other metrics).


o Domain: this launches the Configure management page of the website where you can map your website to your own domain name if your website is in the shared or reserved mode.


o Scale: this launches the Scale management page where you can adjust the website mode (Free, Shared, or Reserved), resize Reserved website (Small, Medium, or Large), and select the value for Reserved instance count.


o Store: this launches the Windows Azure Store where you can browse and purchase services for your cloud applications.


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