How to Publish from WebMatrix

This tutorial walks you through how to publish a website from WebMatrix.

1. In WebMatrix, open the site you want to publish.


2. Click the Publish button.


3. If this is the first time you have published, you will be prompted to enter remote settings. Download the publish profile from your hosting provider’s control panel, and then click the Import publish settings link in WebMatrix. You can also enter the settings manually.


4. Click Yes to run the compatibility check. You can skip this check, but it is not recommended.


5. Review the compatibility results. If any of the items display a warning icon and say “Not Available”, you can click the hyperlink to learn more.


6. The publish preview shows you what files have changed and are being published. If you are using the Web Deploy protocol, you will also have the option to publish the database along with content. Click Continue to begin publishing.


7. Publishing progress will show in the notification bar. When it’s done, you will see a link to browse to the remote site.


If you already have a local website, it’s easy to publish directly to the cloud. Simply download the publish profile from the Windows Azure portal, import the profile in WebMatrix, and you’re ready to publish your site.

If you’re running into difficulties with publishing, read our troubleshooting guide.

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