Learn Web Development in WebMatrix 2 Beta

Remember what it was like to build your first website? That experimental tweaking in Notepad, or the instant gratification you got when you refreshed your browser? You searched far and wide for tutorials on web development topics, some turning out better than others.

In WebMatrix 2 Beta, one of our major goals is to help those who are just starting out learn web development. We think that the features we've added will help make the transition from beginner to pro faster and more fun.

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Quick Start with the Personal Site Template (top)

Most of the time, when people create their first website, the site is about themselves. To help with that, we want to provide a stylish, fun playground for people to experiment in. So we created a new website template named "Personal Site" that's got placeholders for social media feeds, photos, and more - plenty for a new web developer to get excited about and learn from.


Code Completion for Popular Languages (top)

We know that a lot of developers learn a new language by exploring the hints provided by code completion in editors ("IntelliSense," as we call it), where appropriate functions or keywords are suggested as you type. To help both new and seasoned developers, we've made sure that WebMatrix has IntelliSense everywhere: HTML (including HTML5), CSS (including CSS3), JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic, and PHP.


Packaged Functionality for Your Site (top)

Nothing makes web development more fun than being able to add cool functionality. Helpers make this simple -- you can add features to a site just by installing a package and a writing a few lines of code. Big rewards for small effort! Try adding a Facebook or PayPal helper and see what we mean.


On-the-Spot Help (top)

Finally, we wanted to bring a whole new approach to helping new developers get Help. We wanted to turn WebMatrix into a place to learn about core web technologies.

We worked with some of our favorite producers of learning content to offer web developers education in the same technologies that the pros know. Want to learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Razor, or PHP? Open up our Help pane and click through to some of the best online courses on the subject — taught by experts and made super-easy to understand.


The content is dynamic, so you'll always see Help that's relevant to what you're doing. Edit a Razor file and you'll get Razor tutorials. Go exploring in the Databases workspace and you can brush up on SQL Server Compact Edition or MySQL.

Best of all, this premium content is free for users of WebMatrix! (Huge thanks to Learnable, PluralSight, and appendTo for offering these courses at no charge.)

We hope that these features help make WebMatrix the best place to learn about web development, for new developers as well as for experienced developers who are constantly learning. Have some more ideas on how WebMatrix can help you be the best developer you can be? We're listening.

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