Microsoft Web Platform Privacy Statements

You can obtain various Microsoft products through the Microsoft Web App Gallery, through the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, or through similar Web Platform Installer-like functionality in other Microsoft software, such as the Microsoft Web Farm Framework and Microsoft WebMatrix. Some of the Microsoft products that you obtain through these means may collect information through Microsoft’s Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) during installation or use of such product. We identify below those specific products that are enrolled in CEIP by default and provide a link to the products’ privacy statements and information on how users can opt-out of CEIP for these products. In addition, we explain what CEIP is and how such information is used to improve our software and services.

Specific Microsoft Products Enrolled by Default in CEIP: (please read below how to opt-out)

Description of Customer Experience Improvement Program

What This Feature Does:

The Customer Experience Improvement Program (“CEIP”) will collect basic information about your hardware configuration and how you use our software and services to identify trends and usage patterns. CEIP also collects includes the type and number of errors you encounter, software and hardware performance, and the speed of services. We will not collect your name, address, or other contact information.

Use of Information:

We use this information to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Microsoft software and services. For additional, general information about CEIP, see


During installation of Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2012, we automatically send information to Microsoft about your installation experience and notify you when an update is available and connect you to the content online. To learn more, see the Visual Web Developer Privacy Statement.

For Microsoft WebMatrix, we do not collect this installation information, but we do notify you when an update is available and connect you to the content online. To learn more, see the WebMatrix Privacy Statement.

During installation of Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2012 and Microsoft WebMatrix, users will be shown a screen on the Web Platform Installer where they can opt-out of participation in CEIP. If you uncheck that box, neither software product will be enrolled in CEIP.


If you choose to participate in CEIP and later change your mind, you can turn off CEIP at any time. To learn how to do so, please review the specific privacy statement for that product listed above.

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