Overhauled Database Workspace in WebMatrix 2 Beta

When we released WebMatrix 1, we knew we still had work to do in the Database workspace. We had provided core functionality for working with databases, but the overall experience was limited. In WebMatrix 2, we've focused on making it easier to create and modify databases. Our goal is to make it so you never need to leave WebMatrix to accomplish database tasks. We're not there yet, but the latest improvements are getting us closer.

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Defining Schemas Inline (top)

The split-pane definition view in WebMatrix 1 slowed down the process of defining a database, so the new design takes a row-based approach. All the important column definition fields for the schema are now together. You can tab between those fields, use arrows to navigate lists within them, and use the spacebar to select checkboxes.


Visual Enhancements to the Data View (top)

We've also made improvements to the data view. If you copy data from the data view, WebMatrix puts it on the Clipboard in a tabular format, which makes it easy to parse or format in other applications. We highlight the active row and column as you navigate in the data list. Additional polishing now makes the data view consistent with the definition view and with the rest of WebMatrix.


Visual Improvements to Executing Multiple Queries at Once (top)

You can execute multiple queries at the same time in WebMatrix 1, but in WebMatrix 2 we've revamped the UI to make it easier to parse results. Instead of displaying the results in stacked data grids, we now present the results of multiple queries in tabs.


Executing the Selected Query (top)

A popular request was to be able to execute a single query from among many by selecting it. And now you can.




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