WebMatrix 2 Beta: Open Source in the Palm of Your Hand

WebMatrix includes everything you need for open-source web development. Many of our developers rely on open-source software, so we worked with open source communities, developers, and standards groups to more tightly integrate functionality. You can build off of applications like Umbraco or Joomla, create a site from built-in templates, or start from scratch.

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Installations Are Simple (top)

Our web application gallery features the most popular open source web applications, like WordPress, DotNetNuke, Joomla!, Drupal, and Umbraco. The applications in the gallery are entirely open source.

In the WebMatrix 2 Beta release, the installation process for gallery applications has been simplified so that it asks you few or no questions. We now take care of setting up any databases automatically, and we remember your database administrative credentials for future installation.

It’s Easy to Get Started (top)

Many applications now have additional links to help you get started after you install. The application community can share specific links as part of the application, such as getting started guidance, links to themes, or modules, and more.


Core Application Functionality Is Preserved (top)

Many applications now protect their core files, and that you will see a warning if you try to edit these core files. This helps prevent a common problem that occurs when someone accidentally modifies core files and ends up breaking the application.


Languages and Applications Have Code Completion (top)

WebMatrix 2 features code colorization and code completion (IntelliSense) for languages such as ASP.NET, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Some open-source applications even have code completion for their own functions.

You Can Edit Remote Sites (top)

Whether Windows or Linux, you can now open a remote site directly and make changes without needing a copy of the site on your local computer. If you do have a local copy, you can switch between working on the local site and the remote site as needed.



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