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Here is a list of common known issues with WebMatrix 2 Beta. Your feedback is invaluable so please discuss at our forums or suggest new features for us to work on.

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Databases (top)

Issue: New stored procedures do not show query results when run via the "Run Stored Procedure" ribbon command.

When you create a new stored procedure in WebMatrix and try to run it via the "Run Stored Procedure" ribbon command, a blank result set is returned. The stored procedure itself is fine, but it fails to run with this specific command.

Run the stored procedure using the "Execute" ribbon command.

Issue: Executing multiple SQL Compact Edition queries at once fails.

It is a limitation of our Beta release that running multiple SQL CE queries is not supported.


Issue: When you publish a phpBB site that is using a SQL database, the remote site fails with a SQLSTATE error.

After phpBB is installed using a SQL database and then published to a remote server, it returns a SQLSTATE error on the remote server.

In the Remote tab, click Settings. Change the SQL server name from Server=YourServerHere to "Server=YourServerHere\ " (with a trailing space, without quotes) and then make a change to any file. Publish again.

Issue: WebMatrix 2 Beta will incorrectly show one or two configured database names after installing certain applications from the Web Application Gallery.

WebMatrix 2 Beta will incorrectly show that a database name was created (in the case where the user selects to create a SQL CE database) or show two database names were created (in the case where the application supports more than one database option). This is a display issue only and the installed application will function correctly.


Dynamic Help (top)

Issue: Cannot identify help providers in the Options dialog.

In the Options dialog used to manage help sources, there are no provider names identifying each of the sources. This makes it difficult to determine which entry belongs to which provider when adding or removing them.

Here is a list of providers and their source URLs to help you identify them in the Options dialog.

Editor (top)

Issue: Proper international characters cannot be created in the editor.

Using commands such as Alt+A or tools like the localized programmer keyboard do not provide a way to create proper international characters in the WebMatrix editor.

Using the Windows Character Map tool to insert the desired characters.

Issue: Mixing C# and Visual Basic (VB) files causes the site to crash.

Only use one type of file per site.

Getting Started (top)

Issue: When you disable "Show quick start screen" in Options and you last opened a site that has subsequently been deleted.

When you disable "Show quick start screen" in Options, it will automatically open the last opened web site. If the physical directory of the web site is inaccessible, then WebMatrix will crash.

Reset your preferences so that WebMatrix will launch. Open a command prompt and navigate to the %systemdrive%\Program Files\Microsoft WebMatrix directory. Run webmatrix.exe /reset.

Issue: Leading or trailing white space around a site name causes an application crash.

If you prepend or append any white space to the name of your site when creating or renaming, WebMatrix will crash.

Remove leading and trailing white space from your site name.

Issue: Web Platform Installer does not honor the WebMatrix default site path when installing applications to IIS Express/WebMatrix.

Web Platform Installer (WebPI) does not honor a modified default site path that the user has configured in WebMatrix. Instead, WebPI will install the application to the original default path.

Install the application again using WebMatrix.

Publish and Remote Sites (top)

Issue: Switching publish servers for a SQL app will cause publishing to fail if the application had been previously pulled back.

After publishing your site and pulling it back down locally, it's possible to change the publish destination to another host. Doing so causes WebMatrix to fail with a database error message "An error occurred during execution of the database script." Switching hosts after publishing is not currently supported.


Issue: You may see that your site has stopped working on Windows XP after executing a pullback from a remote hosting provider in WebMatrix.

Intermittently, you may encounter that your site appears to no longer work if you click the URL in the notification bar after executing a pullback from a remote hosting provider. The issue is that the IIS Express instance may not have started successfully.

Launch the site using the Run button or close and re-open the site in WebMatrix and try browsing the site again.

Issue: DotNetNuke fails to run after in WebMatrix after executing a pullback from a remote hosting provider if the application was published to a .NET 4.0 application pool.

DotNetNuke will fail to run in WebMatrix if you have published the application to a hosting provider with a .NET 4.0 application pool and then performed a pullback operation.


Issue: WebServer fails to sync when both source and destination have an implicit port binding.

In some cases, the presence of implicit bindings (such as on a source server will conflict with the destination server bindings and result in a failure during a sync. For example, if both source and destination servers have a SSL binding (but for different sites) the sync will fail with this type of error:

Error: An error occurred when the request was processed on the remote computer.
Error: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700B7)
Error count: 1.


  1. Disable the certificate extension while doing the sync by adding -disableLink:CertificateExtension or -disableLink:HttpCertConfigExtension. This will skip syncing the certificates so the site SSL binding will need to be re-set on the destination.
  2. Clear the conflicting binding(s) from the remote machine prior to the sync operation.
  3. (Optional) Manually add implicit bindings on the destination server for the same local port.

Upgrade Compatibility (top)

Issue: Installing Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview after installing WebMatrix 2 Beta will result in component failures.

Visual Studio Developer Preview and WebMatrix both include IIS Express and the Web Platform Installer as a dependency. If Visual Studio is installed on a computer with WebMatrix and its dependencies installed, the Visual Studio install will result in IIS Express and Web PI component failures. Visual Studio and WebMatrix will work as usual and functionality won’t be affected regardless of the error messages.

Install Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview before WebMatrix 2 Beta.

Issue: WebMatrix 1 will show an empty gallery if you install WebPI v4 "Alpha" and do not upgrade.

WebPI V4 Alpha is installed as part of Visual Studio "11" and is intended to be upgraded to the Beta release immediately. If you open WebMatrix v1 before launching WebPI v4 Alpha, you will observe that the Application Gallery is empty.

Launch the Web Platform Installer from the Start menu and follow the prompts to complete the upgrade to WebPI v4 Beta. Then launch WebMatrix v1 again to successfully browse the Application Gallery.

Issue: Opening and editing a site in WebMatrix 2 Beta that was created in WebMatrix 1 results in the site not being editable in WebMatrix 1.

When you upgrade to WebMatrix 2, we backup the site configurations for your WebMatrix 1 sites. This ensures that if you switch back to WebMatrix 1, you can maintain your current sites.

Open up the backup, located at %USERPROFILE%\Documents\IISExpress\config-[date] and restore each site individually as required.

Issue: Providers which depend on .NET 2.0-only components may no longer work after installing Web Deploy V3.

If you install Web Deploy V3 Beta you may see that providers which rely on .NET 2.0 specific items which used to work with Web Deploy V2 do not work for V3 or start failing for V2 when doing msdepsvc syncs with the below noted .Net Framework Data Provider error. This is because Web Deploy V3 Beta’s msdeploy.exe loads .NET 4.0 first, if possible, and installing V3 modifies the msdepsvc config to this preference as well. An example of this is the dbsqlite provider. Example error for dbsqlite provider:

Error: System.Data.SQLite is required to perform this operation.
Error: Unable to find the requested .Net Framework
Data Provider. It may not be installed.
Error count: 1.


  1. To make V2 msdepsvc syncs revert to previous behavior you may either run Repair on the V2 install, or notepad the msdepsvc.exe.config located in the %ProgramFiles%\IIS\Microsoft Web Deploy directory and switch the order of the following 2 lines so that v2.0.50727 is first:

    <supportedRuntime version="v2.0.50727" />
    <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" />

    Then restart the msdepsvc service. To allow V3 msdeploy.exe to act like V2 do the same re-ordering to the msdeploy.exe.config file located in the Microsoft Web Deploy V3 directory so that v2.0.50727 is first.
  2. Determine the .NET 2.0 dependency and replace it with a 4.0 compatible version.

Issue: ASP.NET Web Pages Apps and .NET 4.0 Apps fail with HTTP Error 404.17

If you have installed IIS after installing .Net 4.0 framework, .Net 4.0 framework is not registered with IIS. There are no 4.0 application pools or handler mappings.

Run the following command to register .NET 4.0 with IIS: %systemdrive%\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe –iru

Issue: Installing WebMatrix 2 Beta will overwrite your installation of WebMatrix 1.

WebMatrix 2 Beta cannot be installed side-by-side with WebMatrix 1 – it will overwrite your existing installation. Do not install WebMatrix 2 Beta (which is a pre-release product and may contain bugs) if you are concerned about product deployments with WebMatrix.


Windows 8 Compatibility (top)

Issue: DotNetNuke on Windows 8 shows no database tables, views, and stored procedures even though they exist.

After installing DotNetNuke on Windows 8 and opening up the site in WebMatrix, the Databases workspace shows no tables, views or stored procedures for the default database. The data exists, but doesn't show up due to a bug. The rest of the application will work as usual.


Issue: Cannot execute the DotNetNuke runtime on Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10.

The runtime configuration for DotNetNuke will not run on a Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 10.

In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu and click the Compatibility View option.

Issue: Migrating from SQL Compact Edition to SQL Server Denali on Windows 8 results in no databases showing up in the Databases workspace.

After migrating a SQL Compact Edition database to SQL Server Denali, the web.config file contains connection strings that are unreadable by the WebMatrix Databases workspace. As a result, though the database exists, it is not shown in the tree list.

Using the credentials in the web.config file, create a new connection in the Databases workspace.

Issue: Windows 8 continually prompts you to enable Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1 even after you’ve successfully enabled it previously.

Windows 8 Developer Preview may continue to prompt you to enable .NET 3.5.1 after you’ve opened a site in WebMatrix even if you’ve successfully enabled it previously.

None. Clicking cancel will allow you to continue.

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