WebMatrix 3 Release Notes

What is New?

Seamless Remote Experience:

  • Hugely improved remote editing experience with great code completion and colorization for PHP, ASP.NET as well as Node.js. Support for TypeScript is now included.
  • Support for viewing and opening your Windows Azure remote websites in My Sites.
  • Support for provisioning remote websites in Windows Azure.

Connected to the Cloud:

  • Deep linking integration for Windows Azure Management Portal to be easily able to manage your websites in Azure.
  • Improvements in Windows Azure Management Portal to be able to click the “WebMatrix” button on Windows Azure Websites to directly launch WebMatrix remote editing.
  • Support for signing into Windows Azure with Microsoft Account (formerly Live ID) and organizational or Office 365 IDs.

Source Code Integration:

  • Git source control support for local and remote repositories.
  • TFS source control support for Team Foundation Service.

Even lighter:

  • Streamlined installation to remove many unnecessary dependencies.
  • Faster WebMatrix app setup.

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Required Configuration

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP2
  • Windows Server 2012

Platform architecture: x86 or AMD64

Known Issues

Windows Azure

  • Issue: If you provision a Windows Azure website with SQL and use an invalid SQL password, it will be provisioned but fail to publish

When you create a site on Windows Azure, WebMatrix will prompt you for the remote SQL password. This password will only be used for the publish settings, not for provisioning. The provisioning will succeed but when you try to publish it will fail with the error “Could not publish to the remote database. Please ensure the publish profile contains a database and verify that the remote database is accessible.”


  1. On the Remote tab, click Settings and edit the database connection string field to contain the correct password.
  2. Click Publish again to publish the changes.

Remote Editing

  • Issue: ASP.NET WebPages IntelliSense might not show up the first time when you open a remote site for editing

If you are editing a remote ASP.NET WebPages site the first time on a machine without WebPages installed, you might not see the IntelliSense (or code complete) support.

Workaround: Wait a couple minutes for WebMatrix to complete downloading the necessary files in the site to support IntelliSense, then close and reopen the file you are editing.

  • Issue: Changes made to a remote file when opening it by dragging and dropping from the tree view will not be saved to the remote server

When you are editing a remote site directly in WebMatrix, if you drag a file from the site’s file list on the left pane and drop it into the editing pane and then edit it. Any changes you save to the file opened using this method will not be saved to the remote server.

Workaround: Double-click or right click -> ‘Open’ to open a remote file for editing instead of dragging and dropping it from the tree view to the editing pane.

  • Issue: Could not load ClickOnce Launcher for WebMatrix in Chrome

When you click on the WebMatrix button in the Windows Azure portal in Chrome, and you have the previous version of the WebMatrix launcher installed, you will receive this warning in the browser: “Could not load ClickOnce Launcher for WebMatrix”.

WebMatrix will be installed and launched as expected despite this warning.

Workaround: In your Chrome browser, uninstall this extension “ClickOnce Launcher for WebMatrix”. The next time you click on the WebMatrix button in the portal, it will install the latest version of the extension and you will not see this warning.


  • Issue: In some cases, WebMatrix may appear to hang while cloning a repository.  This is due to occasional Anti-Virus programs flagging git.exe as a virus.

Workaround: Add git.exe to your list of excluded programs to ensure antivirus doesn’t lock the file. 


  • Issue: Migration of the database to SQL Server Express 2012 and to SQL LocalDB are not supported in WebMatrix 3.

In the Databases Workspace, if you press “Migrate” to migrate your database to SQL Server Express, the migration do so to SQL Server Express 2008 R2. It does not support SQL LocalDB or SQL Server Express 2012.

Workaround: If you want your application to use SQL LocalDB or SQL Server Express 2012, you can manually change the connection strings in your application.

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