WebMatrix Files Workspace Help

This page is a quick visual guide to the Files Workspace in the WebMatrix user interface.

WebMatrix Files Workspace Help

The Files workspace lets you manage the files and folders of your website and edit files. To access this workspace, click Files in the workspace selector of WebMatrix.

Files Ribbon

Managing Files and Folders

Editing Files

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Files Ribbon




My Sites

Lists existing websites that you can open.


Lets you configure settings for publishing the website.


Runs the website or the currently selected file in the browser.


Starts IIS Express.


Stops IIS Express.


Stops IIS Express and releases resources, and then restarts IIS Express.


Creates a new file or folder within the website.


Opens an existing file in the content pane. This file does not have to be in the website directory.

Add Existing

Lets you copy files into the website.

Close All

Closes all open files.

Visual Studio

Launches the website as a Visual Studio project. This prompts you to install Visual Web Developer Express if Visual Studio is not installed.

Managing Files and Folders



Create a new file

Click New in the ribbon and select the file type.

Create a new web page

Click New in the ribbon and select a web page file type, such as CSHTML. For more information, see Creating a Web Page.

Open a file

Double-click the file.

Save a file

Select the file and click the Save icon in the Quick Access toolbar.

Delete a file

Right-click the file and select Delete.

Add an existing file

Click Add Existing in the ribbon, browse to the file, and then click Open. This action copies the file into your website directory.

Copy and paste a file or folder

Select the file or folder and then click Copy in the ribbon. To paste, select the new location in your website folder structure, and then click Paste in the ribbon.

Rename a file or folder

Right-click the file or folder, select Rename, and then enter the new name. Press Enter or change focus to commit the new name.

Create a new folder

Click the drop-down arrow under New in the ribbon, select New Folder, and then enter the name.

Delete a folder

Right-click the folder and select Delete.

Refresh the file list. (Do this if files have been added outside of WebMatrix.)

Right-click the folder and select Refresh.

Open a file that's not in the website folder

Click Open in the ribbon, browse to the file, and then click Open. This action does not copy the file to the website.

Run the website using the default browser

Select the root website folder and click Run in the ribbon. This action requires that the website contain a default file. For more information, see Customizing Site-Wide Behavior.

Run a specific file

Select the file to run and click Run in the ribbon.

Run the website in a specific browser

Select the root website folder, click the drop-down list under Run in the ribbon, and then click the browser name.

Publish a website

Click Publish in the ribbon. For more information, see How to Publish a Web Application Using WebMatrix.

Open an existing website

Click My Sites in the ribbon, select the website to open, and then click OK.

Start IIS Express

Click Start in the ribbon.

Stop IIS Express

Click Stop in the ribbon.

Restart IIS Express

Click Restart in the ribbon.

Editing Files



Search for text in a file

Open the file and click Find in the ribbon. In the pane above the file, enter the text to search and then click Previous or Next.

Find and replace code in a file

Open the file and click Replace in the ribbon. In the pane above the file, enter the text to search and to replace. Click Previous or Next to find text, and click Replace or Replace All to change the text.

Open a website in Visual Studio or Visual Web Developer. This lets you use Visual Studio features when creating your website, such as the debugger. For more information, see Programming ASP.NET Razor Pages in Visual Studio.

Click Visual Studio in the ribbon.

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