WebMatrix Task Based extensibility for Web App Gallery Applications

WebMatrix allows you to enhance the user experience for your application with a feature called “Task-based extensibility (TBEX) “for Web App Gallery application. This allows you to customize the WebMatrix user interface for a specific application with just a simple XML file included in your package at the root level alongside the manifest.xml and parameters.xml files in the application package. Applications like Wordpress , Umbraco , Dotnetnuke , Joomla to name a few have adopted TBEX in their application packages.

The XML file will allow you to:

  • Modify the dashboard to include one or more links to your website, or articles to help the user get started with your application.


  • Modify the ribbon in WebMatrix to include shortcuts, such as your community resources or the administrative console of your application.


  • Protect core application files from being edited.


  • Provide enhanced Intellisense or code completion for your application’s API as seen here


TBEX File Template

Here is a Template of a sample TBEX file that can be used to build your own TBEX file for your application:

<!-- This section allows you to add Links on your Web Matrix dashboard  . You can include the links to documentation for your application; forums; blog etc.      -->

<!--AddLink here creates a link to Getting started page of your website -->

    <AddLink InDashboard="True" InLearn="True">
      <Title>Getting started</Title>
      <Description>This is a tutorial for beginners.</Description>
      <Uri xml:lang="es">
      <Uri xml:lang="fr">

<!--AddLink here creates a link to Support Forums  -->

   <AddLink InDashboard="True">
      <Description>The support forums are very active and have a large community ready to help. To help them help you be sure to use a descriptive thread title and describe your question in as much detail as possible.</Description>

    <!--You can add many more GO TO links  here that are specific to your application for Web Matrix users  -->

<!--This section allows you to modify Web Matrix Ribbon section to include shortcuts to a link that could be specific to the website that was created (admin console link ) or external link -->
<!--This adds a ribbon button that will direct the user to the administrative console for the application site that was created on Web Matrix -->
      <Label>Site Admin</Label>
<!--This adds a ribbon button that references an external link as seen here -->
<!--This Section allows you to protect some of the files by displaying a warning to the user that they should not be editing this file and if you do so you may break the application -->
     <!--Relative path for desired file or folder , say 'app' folder -->

<!--allows access to files within subfolders then set AllowNested to True. If this is specific for a file then set this to False. The default value for AllowNested is always false -->
    <AllowPath AllowNested="False">
<!--  A warning will be displayed when users edit the file or files mentioned in this Path -->
<!-- This is an Optional Section and used if your application is PHP based application  -->
<!--Enter the PHP version  -->
<php version="5.3" schemaversion="1.0">
<!-- This section provides Intellisense in Web Matrix for your application APIs. -->
<!-- relformatstring points to a link to the API reference page for your application  -->
<!-- This shows your  custom icon next to the API in the editor -->
    <!-- This is an example for an  API called get_post(id) which gets the post content referenced by the id passed as an argument -->
      <item name= "get_post">
        <description>Retrieve post with ID. </description>
        <signature>get_post( $id )</signature>
     <!-- Add a new <item> element for every API -->   

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