Install Sitefinity for Windows

Sitefinity is a Web Content Management System that leverages the .NET 4.0 development patterns familiar to Microsoft developers. Sitefinity provides a convenient drag and drop interface for visual construction of web pages. The system is completely open with all content exposed as REST-ful services and fluent API for easy programmability. Sitefinity can be easily integrated with external web applications, CRM systems, and marketing tools to power entire web-based businesses.

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer will download any
pre-requisites and then install WebMatrix and Sitefinity
for you. Just click Install and we’ll handle the rest.

Get Started with Sitefinity and WebMatrix

Microsoft WebMatrix makes it easy for anyone to create a Sitefinity site. Sitefinity available from the Web Application Gallery is fully tested to run on WebMatrix and includes our URL Rewrite module for "Pretty Permalinks". Customize your site easily and then publish it on the internet from a wide choice of hosting service providers.




  • WebMatrix makes creating a Sitefinity site easy. WebMatrix will download, install and configure the latest version of Sitefinity for you automatically.
  • WebMatrix provides everything you need including the web server, MySQL, and PHP. It also includes our URL Rewrite module for “Pretty Permalinks” in Sitefinity and WinCache to ensure your Sitefinity site runs fast on Windows.
  • By using the same stack on your development desktop that you’ll use on the server that hosts your clients’ site, the process of going live is painless and worry free.
  • WebMatrix lets you customize your Sitefinity site. The lightweight editor supports HTML, CSS and ASP.NET and makes you more productive with features such as color coding and tag completion.
  • WebMatrix provides editing capabilities for your SQL Server database allowing you to modify your schema or edit data directly if needed.
  • WebMatrix provides a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) report that crawls your local site. WebMatrix and gives you specific feedback to ensure your site is easily indexed by all the major search engines.
  • WebMatrix makes it easy to publish your site to a hosted server. WebMatrix supports the standard FTP and Secure FTP protocols as well as Microsoft’s WebDeploy protocol.
  • WebDeploy makes publishing even easier by automatically configuring your server first as well as smartly deploying only the files that have changed for any updates. WebDeploy can even synch your development machine with your live site.
  • Best of all WebMatrix includes a Hosting Gallery with great offers for hosting on Windows. Get the best deals for hosting Sitefinity on Windows right inside WebMatrix itself.


New to Sitefinity?

Join the Sitefinity introductory webinars and get first-hand experience with the CMS. The 30-minute online demonstration is a great way to explore Sitefinity, see the different features in action and get your questions answered. Sitefinity Developer Network is a dedicated resource for Sitefinity developers and community members. By joining Sitefinity, you will be joining one of the largest .NET communities in the world. With over 400,000 active members, you can always seek assistance and peer advice.


New to PHP on Windows and IIS?

There is a wealth of information for learning more about running Sitefinity or any PHP-based website on the Microsoft Web Platform including features and information on FastCGI, WinCache, PHP Manager and running PHP applications in our cloud platform, Azure. Plus links to detailed articles for users who want to get the ultimate performance from their Sitefinity sites on Windows. Visit our PHP on Windows page to learn more.


Have questions on WebMatrix or need assistance?

If you have questions on running Sitefinity with WebMatrix or are having trouble visit the WebMatrix Forums and connect directly with the community of users using WebMatrix and the Microsoft engineers who created it. We’re always on and ready to help.

Sitefinity and WebsiteSpark

Sitefinity WebsiteSpark Partner

Interested in running Sitefinity on Windows? WebsiteSpark from Microsoft gives software, support, and new leads to Web Developers and Designers. Through WebsiteSpark you’ll get:

Software and solutions: Multiple licenses are available for Microsoft development tools, Web platform technologies, server products, including: Visual Studio®, Expression®, SQL Server®, and Windows Server®.

A new business pipeline: Increase your visibility to customers with a profile in the Partner Catalog. Opt in to lead generating campaigns and connect with businesses that need web development and design services.

Training and support: Access Microsoft technical support professionals and receive offers and discounts from Network and Hosting Partners to help your company run more efficiently.

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Sitefinity and Hosting Service Providers

Great Deals for Sitefinity Hosting

The Microsoft Web Hosting Gallery makes it easy to find the best deals for Web Hosting on the Microsoft Web Platform. Compare and filter on price, location, features, consumer ratings and more to find a package just right for your needs. Select from the wide variety of packages available—from shared to virtual machines or dedicated servers; there is something for everyone and an offer for every need.

The expansive network of Microsoft hosting services provider partners enables you to grow your business on Sitefinity. The Microsoft Web Hosting Gallery’s “Spotlight Offer” feature also ensures that you will be able to easily find the offers that are running the latest versions of Microsoft software.

Check out some of our great offers for Sitefinity users now.

Hoster Gallery

Sitefinity Tutorials

Sitefinity includes comprehensive tutorials for end-users, developers, content editors and designers. Learn more from the Sitefinity documentation.

Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer for Sitefinity

Create content easily online or offline. Writer makes it easy to author rich content including seamless integration of photos and videos on Sitefinity. With Writer, you can preview everything you’re adding to your website, to see how the fonts, spacing, colors, and images will look, before you publish.