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URL Rewriter makes Web addresses simple for customers to remember and search engines to find. Start with easy to use pre-built rule templates or create your own advanced custom rules.

Now Customers Can Actually Locate Your Resources

Simple and Consistent Web Addresses
Define powerful rules to transform complex URLs into Web addresses that are easier for customers to remember, simple for search engines to index, and allow a consistent format.

Customer and Search Engine Friendly Results
Get your business noticed by replacing hard to follow URLs generated by Web applications with customer and search engine friendly equivalents.

Seamless Integration
Leverage seamless integration with existing IIS features that improve management, performance, and troubleshooting.


"We recently evaluated URL Rewriter against another rewriting product we’ve used for many years. Our benchmarks show an overall reduction in CPU processing, in some cases up to 19%! This allows us to continue to leverage our existing hardware investment for some time yet. URL Rewriter is easy to deploy, has extensive documentation and support forums, but best of all...its free!"

Matt Duguid, Internet Systems Specialist, Trade Me New Zealand

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