New Features in WebMatrix 2 Beta

Welcome to the WebMatrix 2 Beta! Check out all the new features and improvements we’ve added and learn how WebMatrix can help you build new websites faster than ever. Download WebMatrix 2 Beta now!

Create Sites Quickly

Getting started
WebMatrix is an all-in-one tool that lets you install, develop, optimize, deploy and manage sites from templates or applications. Learn More

Opening a remote site
You can now open and edit your sites from remote servers! Make a quick fix in a file, or download the entire site and edit it locally.

Streamlined application install
Start from dozens of open source applications and build sites in matter of minutes. WebMatrix walks you through installing and configuring OSS applications and generates your database credentials automatically so you can get up and running faster. Learn More

Get going with helpful links
Popular applications like WordPress, Joomla! and Umbraco can customize WebMatrix, adding links to help you get started, and limiting access to core files that shouldn’t be modified.

Code Your Thoughts

Code completion for HTML5 and CSS3 elements and attributes. See validation errors before you try your site in the browser.

Get suggestions for available jQuery and core JavaScript functions. Validate JavaScript as you type, whether in standalone files or script blocks.

Code completion for the built-in functions available in the active PHP version as you type, including their signatures and descriptions. Learn More

Web Pages 2 makes web development simpler with new APIs for script management, server and client-side form validation using jQuery, authentication APIs for Facebook and Twitter, and more. Learn more

We now have a personal site template, and the starter site template has been updated to take advantage of HTML5, CSS3, mobile detection and authentication via Facebook and Twitter.

CSS color picker
An inline color picker for color-based CSS attributes, including a sampler to grab color values from open applications.

PHP documentation links
Hover over a PHP function to quickly access documentation.

Application-specific code completion
Get suggestions for functions available in your application of choice. For Beta, you can see a working sample of this by working with WordPress in WebMatrix.

Dynamic help
Contextual assistance is shown as you work. Learn about the features of WebMatrix or brush up on core web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with professional-grade learning content from partners like Learnable, PluralSight, and appendTo. Click the help icon in the upper-right of WebMatrix anytime to see what's available. Learn More

Do More with Data

Overhauled database definition view
Define a table schema in a single pane, setting column attributes quickly via tab, arrow keys and the space bar as you go. Learn More

Updated database data view
The interface has been visually updated to ensure that you can easily view and edit your data in addition to designing your schema.

Run a selected query
Select, execute and view results for individual or multiple queries.

Share with the World

Optimize before sharing
Run reports against your site to learn how to make it rank higher on search engines like Bing or Google.

Get tips for tuning the performance of your site before going live.

Publish your site
You can import a publishing profile without having to remember and enter all those settings. WebMatrix supports publishing using FTP or the new protocol Web Deploy, which supports publishing changed files only, uploading your database and setting up permissions. You can sync changes between local and remote versions, too. Learn More

Download your remote site
Download a site you’ve previously published to manage and edit it locally. When you’re done, seamlessly sync file and database changes to the remote site.

Join the Party

Extensibility framework
Extend WebMatrix functionality using Visual Studio and the new C#-based extensibility APIs. Learn More

Extension gallery
View and install available WebMatrix extensions built by you, or contributed by the community.

NuGet package gallery
The popular ASP.NET Web Pages package service is now integrated into WebMatrix. Download and install community-contributed code helpers for common tasks like social network integration and mobile support. Learn More

Thank You!

Thanks for reading all about WebMatrix 2 Beta! We hope that you like it just as much as we do. As always, your feedback is invaluable so please discuss at our forums or suggest new features for us to work on.

Download WebMatrix 2 Beta now!