New Features in WebMatrix 3

WebMatrix 3 brings you easy access to your Windows Azure websites. Access your remote sites as seamlessly as local sites. When you need to protect your work or collaborate on team projects, you’ll love our integration of Git and TFS source control systems. These are just a few of the highly requested features we’ve added in WebMatrix 3!


When you create local projects, you’ll be able to instantly get a companion website in Windows Azure without ever leaving WebMatrix. Just sign in using your Microsoft account or organizational ID, create a local site and it will automatically provision a remote companion site in Windows Azure. Learn More.


Simply open your remote sites, make changes, and hit Save. The lightweight performance and full editing capability (including intellisense) make it feels like you are editing a local site. In WebMatrix 3, we’ve made a lot of changes to simplify your development. One of them is the ability to make quick edits to your remote sites like fixing a typo or changing a background image easily. Learn More.


Plug into GitHub, CodePlex, and Team Foundation Service to start sharing your code with the world. WebMatrix 3 makes it easier than ever to use git for your projects. WebMatrix focuses on making common tasks with Git easy. Open a repository from GitHub, commit your changes, and share them; all without touching the command line. Learn More.


Team Foundation Service is Microsoft’s new source control service in the cloud. WebMatrix focuses on making common tasks with TFS easy. Open a repository from Team Foundation Service, check in your changes, and share them with the world. Learn More.

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